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Hard work, commitment and a professionally based dedication to our clients success has always been the Tony Man way!
Tony Man endeavours to offer a creative design service that is second to none. Working closely with our clients we listen to what the customer wants and pride ourselves with how we help our clients achieve their desired result within their required timeframes.
So, whether its a logo design, promotional literature, corporate brochure, WordPress brochure website or even a complex e-commerce web project we strive to make the process as easy as possible for you making sure that they are informed and educated all the way throughout the project.

We do our Upmost to Keep the Whole Process of Creative Design as Simple as Possible.

Design Briefing Meeting

Initial Briefing Session

After the initial contact, we arrange a time to discuss your requirements and expectations via face-to-face, telephone or even skype.

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Discovery and Estimation

After discovering more about your business and taking into consideration what we have discussed, we will provide you with an estimation for approval and then on to the next stage.

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Design and Client Amends Process

This is where we embark on the collaborative process of design and present our ideas ready for any amends while working towards a final client approval.

Tony Man Creative Design Delivery

Approval and Final Design Delivery

With the final approval given by the client via email we check over the final design work to make sure it is ready for its final intended use then deliver it to the client via how they require it and that's it!!

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Why are you called
Tony Man – Creative Design?

The answer is simply down to geography. Originally from Birmingham the founder Anthony McLaughlin was always called “Ant” but since relocating to the North East he has always been called “Tony” and the “Man” part always follows the Tony part, down to the Geordie/Mackem dialect hence why the name “Tony Man” has always stuck so to call the business anything else would be unthinkable.
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