The little man – Cradley Heath Foot Clinic

Cradley Heath Foot Clinic Leaflet Design

Lately, I have been preparing mockups of work that I have recently created for my new and ongoing clients to update the Tony Man website with and I came across a project that I had worked on for a small business in Cradley Heath before Christmas, which was a Foot Clinic called believe it or not Cradley Heath Foot Clinic.

Now normally as they only wanted me to design a few printed elements for them the project may be something that another larger company would say we don’t need to feature that on their site but for me, I see every client as important as the next one, big or small.

Initially, to be totally honest, I nearly did fall into that it’s not a big client trap but I looked at it in the way I did when they had initially came to me to help them with some marketing material. Here’s a small business that needs some help with their design to print literature and to help gain them some more customers and earn a bit more than they usually do.

Business Card Design for Cradley Heath Foot Clinic

Every client is just as important as the other, no matter what size they are

Now, if you are a small business like Tony Man and Cradley Heath Foot Clinic every penny earned is important and can make a real difference hence why I had seen it as important as something that would be briefed in from a company that earns millions as opposed to thousands.

I treated them exactly the same way I would a much larger client, with a quick turnaround, constant communication regarding when they will get the first proof and once approved the print delivered to their door.

I also made sure that they were shielded from any design or print jargon as I knew that they weren’t designers or marketeers and I made the whole process as simple as I could from start to finish. I even updated them when the job was delivered as it was delivered to another address due to my client not being in at the time to receive the final printed literature. Is that something a larger agency would offer, I wonder?

Happy ending

To say they were happy with the design and service was an understatement and to be honest I got a lot of job satisfaction out of it knowing that I have made a difference by offering a professional level of design and service for such a small business.

To finish off, it will be on my portfolio once I get round to uploading the new pages, which will be soon as I do admit that a few of the current portfolio pieces have been on my portfolio for the last couple of years.

A bit of a shameless plug for them, if your feet are in need of tender loving care and you are in the Cradley Heath area then get in touch with them as they are a great bunch of people to work with and I am sure that your feet will be in great hands! You can book an appointment on 07854 821 828