Simple, Engaging Websites

If your website is your company’s window to the world then your content is what is on the inside.

So let TONY MAN make it interesting!

Do you own or run a business that is just after a simple, engaging website?

If the answer is yes then you might be after a well designed and implemented brochure type website.

“What is a brochure website?” I hear you ask.

A brochure website is a style of site that simply and effectively showcases your company’s products and services on a more permanent basis. Brochure websites tend to be around the 4-5 page mark and can offer a very cost-effective way of giving your current or potential customers a rich, professional look to your company’s brand online.

More modern brochure websites are now based on the very flexible WordPress CMS platform which, once installed and the website professionally designed, gives the business owner the power to add and amend the content as they so wish, with some training from yours truly of course.

Simple, engaging website design and implementation - Tony Man Can!

Tony Man Creative Design offers great looking brochure sites at business-friendly prices. Each website will come with Google Analytics installed, so you can see how many visits your website is getting and will be designed with basic SEO practices in mind. Also, brochure websites designed by Tony Man Creative Design will be responsive on both tablets and smartphones so your customers can view your website wherever they are, now that’s a nice touch

The process is simple, quick and before you know it you have a fantastic looking, cost-effective website ready to be enjoyed by your customers.

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