Sunderland Autism Outreach Team’s Charity Winter Ball

Sunderland Autism Outreach Charity Winter Ball

Sunderland Autism Outreach Team’s Charity Winter Ball

It’s sometimes nice to give back to a great cause that is local to your area.

A few months ago I was asked to create a piece of design work for the award winning Sunderland Autism Outreach Team’s Winter Ball.  As my son is on the autistic spectrum and the team have helped us over the years learn more about how my son thinks and feels I didn’t hesitate to help them promote their Charity Winter Ball as a way of saying thank you for all of their help.

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Our mini review of the AOC i2369Vm Full HD 23″ IPS LED Monitor with MHL

Here is our mini review of the AOC i2369Vm 23″ Monitor.

At Tony Man towers reinvesting in the business is everything especially when it comes to the tools of the trade.  A quick Mac, up-to-date software (Adobe CC especially) and a great display really makes the difference when creating top notch design work.

For a while we have been looking for a bigger display to compliment our quick Mac and we have literally scoured the web to try and find a good value monitor.  Now we could of gone the whole hog and plumped for a 27″ display as most people believe that bigger is better but when it comes to size you have to factor into the equation resolution as well.  Eventually we decided to go 23″ as we felt that the size to resolution ratio would of been ideal for traditional and digital design. Continue reading

Tony Man for the Win!! Open Space Winner!!

Open Space winner

A great boost for Tony Man Creative Design – 6 months free office rent!

To celebrate the North East Business Innovation Centre’s 20th Anniversary, the North East BIC held a competition for business owners to enter and win 6 months worth of free shared office space at their brand new Open Space office environment. The entry was simple and only took a few seconds.

You can guess who won…  yes that’s right your’s truly Tony Man Creative Design.

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Branding the most important day of my life!

Branding the Happy Couple

How did I brand the biggest day of my life?

The biggest days of my life…  There’s certainly has been a few. The birth of my children was two of them, meeting my wife was another but the main big event that everyone would associate with “the biggest day of my life’ has to be my wedding day.

The brief was simple and from my two most difficult clients – my wife to be and my mother in law.
The invitation needed to look good and it needed to be easy for people to RSVP.

Now being a designer that provides me with a ‘biggest day of my life’ challenge.  I have the tools, the knowledge and the experience to create great literature for my clients. I have the logistical knowledge of making it happen within a certain timeframe and hitting very tight deadlines, been there and worn the t-shirt. I even have the know how to produce the end result in a very cost effective manner but when it comes to designing something that is very personal to me, my (now) wife and sharing it with people whom I have know for years, it was a different matter altogether.

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Coming Soon – iPad Brochure Apps

iPad App Coming Soon

Well we really have been busy in the Research and Development Department at Tony Man towers. Currently in the R&D lab we are looking into developing iPad applications based on company brochure designs which will be intuitive to use and, hopefully, a joy to put together.

Now this is an exciting development indeed so we are becoming our own Guinea Pig.  We are developing our own brochure with the iPad in mind and when it’s released we will gladly let you all know when it happens.

So keep your eyes peeled and fingers crossed and let’s see how it all turns out.

Got a good feeling about 2014!!

Well 2014 has really started with a massive boost at Tony Man Towers. A couple of new client wins to kickstart the month of February then a brand new car dealership brand launch which has literally happened this week and finally some potential new business simmering away nicely.  Phew!!!

But that hasn’t stopped us at Tony Man towers thinking up new and innovative ideas to make 2014 a truly epic year so keep them peeled and watch this space!!

Accounting for Business


Being a creative person like myself; administration, I have to admit, isn’t really one of my key strengths.  When I am talking about admin I am really on about accounting.  All this balancing books, keeping on top of tax issues, mileage, expenses etc is really quite alien to me.  Would much rather concentrate on the best part of the business which is the part I love and that is design and creativity.   Continue reading

Tony Man’s first ever mailshot – The Magic of Christmas


It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas… well it is at Tony Man HQ! Looking to get the word out about my new start-up design company Tony Man Creative Design I thought it was worth getting some mailers created and distributed to the general public, plus it’s always good to get into the Christmas spirit, even though there is still just over a month to go!! Continue reading