Tinternet Cars are GO!!

Brand new car dealership in the West Midlands

Well after months of creating a brand for a car dealership in Birmingham, we can proudly say it’s finally up and running.

Tinternet Cars is a brand new car dealership based in Birmingham who are set-up to serve immediate areas such as Redditch, Birmingham, Solihull and the West Midlands. They are also geared up via their website to showcase their cars to the whole of the United Kingdom.

The company is run by two best friends who are very passionate about what they offer and especially how they offer it.  Dealing with them on a day to day basis has been a breeze and it’s great when they give you honest feedback about any suggestions that you may have.

Business Cards

The overall brand has been designed around the director’s personalities.  They wanted to portray a buoyant, happy look to their brand, which implores the fact that Tinternet Cars offer the very best in service and are all about a very positive customer experience.  Their Business Cards are designed to be memorable and human – featuring their photographs and giving you an idea of their personality and it’s always good to put a face to a name. The overall feel is to be a bit different from the norm when it comes to selling quality used cars and we felt that we have achieved the uplifting experience that your would encounter when buying a car from Tinternet Cars.

Tinternet Ipad

The website is based on a Content Managed platform within which the client wanted to have the option to upload their own cars at will and rearrange their stock when required. They also wanted the website to be responsive on mobile phones, tablets and iPads. Overall they wanted it to be very clean, with positive imagery and on brand message – all of which we have easily achieved. Oh, by the way, they wanted to have easy to understand analysis of who has been visiting their website and what they have been looking at. Sounds like a tall order but we have managed to fulfil what they were after and more. We even helped set up their domains and emails addresses on both their phones and laptops – now that’s Tony Man customer service for you!

Here is a testimonial from one of the directors at Tinternet Cars, always good when you get great feedback…

“Many thanks Tonyman, we love our new site and our customers love it too. Your creative design, advice and overall service is top notch, exactly what we wanted and more!! Our site really stands out from the competition, to quote one of our customers, “it has a really friendly air to it and is very easy to navigate” I can’t recommend you highly enough, absolutely brilliant service!” Chris Doherty – Tinternet Cars

If you are after a great deal more on a good clean car give Tinternet Cars a try, you will be glad that you did.