Our New Website for late 2018

We felt it was about time.

As much as the current website has served us well attracting various new leads, as a source to feature our work and advertise our services to the world.  We felt that after nearly four years of being available to the world online it was time to put the old design into retirement and create a newer more dynamic website.

It has been in development since late-2017 when we decided that we wanted something new and we felt that it required a bit more dynamism in featuring our work and making it a bit more appealing to the viewer.  In developing the look and feel of the new Tony Man website we have vastly enjoyed the journey.

Also, we want to add more information and updates to our blog but in a different way.  As most companies feature a blog on their website, they tend to be a part of the website that is updated in the early days and soon forgotten about.   At Tony Man, we want to make it a bit more of a feature and as well as writing posts on there we want to use video as a way of conveying our information in an easy to digest format – kind of acting out what we have advised to our clients in the past.

We hope you like our new site and if there is anything you would like to see featured on our blog then drop us a line and we will gladly see what we can do.