Tony Man for the Win!! Open Space Winner!!

Tony Man Open Space Winner

A great boost for Tony Man Creative Design – 6 months free office rent!

To celebrate the North East Business Innovation Centre’s 20th Anniversary, the North East BIC held a competition for business owners to enter and win 6 months worth of free shared office space at their brand new Open Space office environment. The entry was simple and only took a few seconds.

You can guess who won…  yes that’s right your’s truly Tony Man Creative Design.

It really is a big boost as it means that I can work from an office environment as opposed to my customised office/Bike Storage/Coat rack setup that I have at home.  Not only does it mean a great environment to work in with Free Parking, Free Wifi and of course Free Coffee/Hot Chocolate it has also brought some great networking potential and new business opportunities.

Here is a cheeky pic of the Open Space environment.  As you can see it is a great place to work in.

Open Space at the NEBIC

I’ll keep you up-to-date with how I get on, but if you are near the BIC and after a newly installed Graphic/Web designer in the Wessington Way area then get in touch.

By the way if you are interested in the article here it is in all it’s glory…

To mark The North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) 20 year anniversary businesses had the chance to win a six month membership at Open Space.

Digital graphic designer, Anthony McLaughlin was announced the winner of the competition at a BIC Open Day. Anthony has over 17 years experience in the creative industry and after recently moving up to the North East from the West Midlands was keen to make contacts in the region to help promote his business, Tony Man Creative Design.

For those that don’t require a permanent office base, Open Space, allows members to benefit from networking opportunities as well as a prestigious business address. After entering the BICs competition Anthony had already been thinking about having a flexible office space to help him work in peace without the distractions being at home can so often bring. Anthony explains: “I was so happy when Donna told me I was the winner. I couldn’t believe it especially as it was something I was considering taking up anyway.

“For me I am looking at the membership in a few ways, serving the clients that I do currently have with no distractions, using to time to seek and meet new clients, utilising the network potential as well as using the opportunity to develop other exciting revenue streams that I currently have in mind.”

“The facility itself is fantastic. Very professional looking and I will be proud to call this my office from home.” Anthony has always been passionate about design and his career saw him follow this dreams but he knew deep down that his main goal was to work for himself so he visited the BIC last year and was appointed business adviser, Debbie Simpson.

“Last August the business became established and so far the reception has been great, I found that attending a lot of networking clubs has paid off dividends for receiving work.”

“Debbie was great and I can’t believe I didn’t set up on my own earlier. My advice to anyone wanting to start is to not be afraid just ask the BIC for help. I can’t wait to put my membership to good use and start using the workspace.”

Donna Surtees, senior space adviser added: “Open Space was created specifically for those like Anthony, who work from home but naturally come across distractions, Open Space provides a professional environment to work from, and whatever your business and I am sure Anthony, like others, will create new contacts through using this membership.”

Article words by Sarah Spence, North East Business Innovation Centre.