Elmhurst Energy Website Design

A modern refresh for Elmhurst Energy

On the back of a very successful corporate logo refresh for Elmhurst Energy, Tony Man was tasked with applying the same design ethos to a brand new website design layout for Elmhurst Energy.

The brief for the website was that it had to be clean, functional and modern with a strong call to action. It had to be designed in a way so that the content could be digested easily on any mobile device and have a fluid, concise navigation to it.

What was needed

Working closely with the Marketing Team a simple, suggested wireframe layout was designed for the client to view and to priortise the elements were important to them on the homepage then from that to a more high definition website layout was created.

The Process

The main emphasis of the layout was placed on the sales header area where high impact banners were designed to get over any offers or messages they wanted to convey at the launch of the website. The rest of the site was structured to make it easy to digest, navigate and work on mobile devices with the colouring of their new website following their new corporate brand identity guidelines.

Delivery & Outcome

The delivery of the design process and the final files that the developers were to use were accomplished in a very tight deadline window as the client wanted to give the development team the most amount of time possible to get the site up and running and working perfectly. With this in mind, Tony Man hit the agreed deadlines with ease, making sure that the whole process for the client was as fluid as possible.

The outcome of the project was massively positive from both the client and their subscribers and the layout design of the website has empowered the client to easily make future amends without waiting for timely corrections to be made by an outside supplier.

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