ebb3 Logo Design,
Brand Visualisation

ebb3 Logo & Brand Styling
- Simplifying the Complex

ebb3 offer workstation grade virtualisation to companies that need the power, portability and flexibility of a cloud-based high-end system.

Tony Man Creative Design was approached by ebb3 Ltd to design a dynamic brand identity with the aim of creating a look that is fresh, modern and professional.

ebb3 logo design branding system
Ebb3 logo design reversed white

As well as logo design and stationery Tony Man was tasked with creating beautiful PowerPoint and WordPress templates that would be used to represent the brand’s look and feel to its customers while making sure that the content was as important as the layout.

Desktop backgrounds were also commissioned by ebb3 to be simple and work on server monitors that had a native resolution of over 4,000 pixels!

Icons were also created as part of the visual branding ecosystem so as the company grows and moves into smartphone application development then the beginnings of the look and feel are already there.

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