Elmhurst Energy
Logo Design

A refreshingly modern logo
for a well established brand

Elmhurst Energy is one of the UK's leading independent suppliers of energy assessment training, accreditation and software who have been committed to improving levels of standards within the energy assessment industry since 1993.

They came to Tony Man - Creative Design with a problem that they needed help with and that was their corporate logo. It was sorely in need of updating plus it had the issue of using a photographic image that was the main icon of their current logo.

Old Logo

Working closely with the marketing team it became a case of evolution and not revolution and after presenting the initial concepts, amending the chosen concept and approving the final design a definitive logo was born and deployed throughout the company to great success and critique.

Elmhurst Energy New Logo Design
Elmhurst-Energy New Logo Design Green
Elmhurst Energy New Logo with Tagline

There was a last minute request by the client to add a brand positioning statement to the logo and required it to be added in a way that didn't change the approved logo and also work with the logo when it featured Elmhurst Energy's sub-brands. We came up up a super simple way of adding this requirement, that was elegant and worked very well with the main logo and when it featured the company's sub-brands, featured above.

As well as designing the new logo, example documents were produced to show the logo in its new design environment.

There was also a requirement, as detailed in the design brief, to allow for the main logo to signify the separate divisions of the company by simple adaption.

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