Lanchester Wines & Greencroft Bottling

Hospitality Suite Wall Design at Emirates Riverside

Lanchester Wines is a leading importer and wholesaler of quality wines and spirits in the UK and Greencroft Bottling is one of the largest contract wine bottling plants in the UK.

Lanchester Wines and Greencroft Bottling had recently acquired a hospitality suite at the Emirates Riverside and instead of just having the suite as a place that was just a room they wanted to revamp it with new wall designs that would give the room some dynamism and explain a little more about what both brands do to their guests.

They approached Tony Man with the brief of creating two separate designs that reflected what both brands did and the ethos in the way they do it plus to push the zero carbon aspect of their businesses.

Greencroft Bottling Wall Graphic Design
Greencroft Bottling Wall Graphic Design at an Angle
Greencroft Bottling Wall Graphic Design Detail

Greencroft Bottling (above)

The idea behind the Greencroft Bottling wall design was to provide a simple but standout image of an empty wine bottle taken at a very dynamic angle then let the headline and copy explain in a clever, distinct way how the Greencroft Bottling business has used years of continuing investment, innovation and carbon neutrality to help fill and produce the many industry-leading products and services that it offers to its customers today.

Lanchester Wines (below)

For Lanchester Wines, we wanted to offer a funkier design without falling into the trap of the design being wine based as it was about the actual company and not the wines they produce. The design was based around the idea of facets which allowed the concept to show and explain the many facets of such a large business which allowed the design to be a great talking point within the hospitality suite in which it is based.

Lanchester Wines Wall Graphics by Tony Man
Lanchester Wines Wall Designs by Tony Man
Lanchester Wines Wall Design Close Up by Tony Man

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